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Rod and Twila Davis

Rod and Twila Davis were married in 1987 and have two children, Isaac and Shakinah.
Rod grew up in Oakland, California and in his early 20s had a life-changing encounter with Christ which led him to feel God calling him to take the hope of the Gospel to the nations. Rod and Twila met in Portland Oregon not long thereafter. In 1995 Twila and Rod made the decision to sell their belongings and travel with their children to follow God’s call which eventually brought them to La Vega, Dominican Republic.
Rod recalls that it was soon very evident that the community that they planned to help became the people that would be a life source to Rod and Twila. With little resources and no knowledge of how to  adapt to day to day life in the barrio, Rod and Twila’s lives became intertwined with the people of La Vega who helped them learn the basics of such things such as how to get water and how to cook over a fire. From the relationships that developed, Rod and Twila began to lead small ministry groups which  grew into what would become El Camino Church. 
Rod and Twila came to realize the lack of schooling available for the children in La Vega. While there were schools in the area, the requirements for entry included tuition fees and documentation such as birth certificates, neither of which were available to most families. The barrio children spent their days playing in the streets largely unsupervised while family members worked.  Knowing that enabling the children to receive their education would help break the cycle of poverty, Rod and Twila embarked on starting a school for the children. Classes were initially held at the back of El Camino church and in 2000 the Centro Educativo Cristiano TEARS School was opened with 68 students. The TEARS School now includes the James Davis High School and an Early Childhood Learning Center with over 600 students enrolled. 
Over the years, Rod and Twila have continued to identify and develop remedies to address areas of need in La Vega and surrounding communities, including a water purification plant, a medical and dental clinic, the soccer mentoring program, aquaponics fish farming, business empowerment training and grants, childcare center, a Bible Institute, and church planting in both Dominican and Haitian communities. 
Rod and Twila proclaim God’s faithfulness to them and to the ministry and continually seek God as to how best to serve the Dominican people.


Obed and Rosemary Penuela

Rosemary has served at TEARS since 2000 and began teaching when TEARS opened the Centro Educativo School. 
Obed is a native of Columbia and  arrived at TEARS in 2004 with the intention of staying for one year to help with the music team. One year turned into two and Obed soon felt the call of God to remain serving at TEARS. Obed and Rosemary met as they served together at TEARS  and were married in 2007. Obed’s passion is the development and growth of the soccer mentoring program. Obed oversees the youth and adult soccer teams, runs youth mentoring groups, and recently opened GOL Church as a church outreach to community soccer players. Obed also oversees the water treatment plant. Rosemary has been working with TEARS and the TEARS school since 2000. Rosemary began as a teacher and administrator when the school first opened and she continues to serve as a teacher and administrator for TEARS James Davis High School. Obed and Rosemary have two boys, Zion and Luka.


Jepthe and Judelin Durosier

Jephte and Judeline have served at TEARS for over 7 years and have 2 boys and 1 girl. 
Jephte oversees the aquaponics system and is the director of maintenance at TEARS. 
Judelin serves as the director of hospitality.

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Gabe and Gabriela Garcia

Gabe and Gabriela come from Venezuela and felt called to come to TEARS as missionaries in 2017. Prior to joining TEARS Gabe assisted missions groups in Venezuela as a translator and Gabriela worked as an English teacher. 
Gabriela currently serves as an administrator at both the TEARS school and assists with program development, reporting, and administrative tasks for TEARS ministries. 
Gabe and Gabriela both assist with church ministries including worship, teaching, preaching, leading groups, and working with the youth. They have been married for three years and have one boy, Benjamin with a second baby on the way.


Chelo and Judy del Rosario

Chelo and Judy have served at TEARS for over 23 years. Chelo is the director of James  Davis High School and the director of all of TEARS educational programs. 
Judy works as a high school counselor and assists with oversight of TEARS educational programs.


Hector and Diana Acosta

Hector and Diana have served at TEARS for over 22 years. Hector is the Pastor of Soto Church, runs the Haitian Bible Institute and oversees the Haitian tutoring program for children. Diana leads the women’s ministry and programs at Soto Church. Hector and Diana have 3 boys and 2 girls.

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Fe and Rosa Ramirez

Fe serves as the pastor of El Camino Church and the leader of the Dominican pastors fellowship.
Fe and Rosa have three sons and have been with TEARS for over 21 years.

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